Art by Victor Warr

One of Cardano’s leading NFT artists, Brazil-based Victor Warr brings the Danketsu story and characters to life. Victor’s art expresses both beauty and power.

Experience Music Creation

Want to be a part of music production? Powerhouse duo Mirai Music takes you on a one-of-a-kind musical journey. The community gets direct access to the entire music production process.

Where the Story Goes, You Decide.

It is 2034 A.D. and the three Ninavan clans Aramar, Daisuke, and Astuko are at war. Danketsu has united them against the enemy.


Send your NFTs on missions in this lore-driven NFT staking experience and earn rewards, whilst uncovering the dank universe.


Support Cardano. Support Danketsu. Together.
Several rewards for staking with NINJZ.

Tier 1 (0-500₳)

  • Holder’s channel access
  • Holder’s Giveaways

Tier 2 (501₳-5k₳)

  • Previous tier perks
  • Entry into delegator only giveaways
  • Fan fiction added to future fan fiction publications
  • Receive $NINJAZ token based on delegation Tier (Launching in 2023)*

Tier 3 (5k₳-25k₳)

  • Previous tier perks
  • Whitelist for launchpad projects
  • Fan fiction narration
  • Receive higher $NINJAZ token on a regular basis based on delegation Tier (Launching in 2023)*

Tier 4 (25k₳-50k₳)

  • Previous tier perks
  • Receive higher $NINJAZ token based on delegation Tier (Launching in 2023)*
  • TBA

Tier 5 (50k₳+)

  • Previous tier perks
  • TBA