Mirai Music

Based in Los Angeles California, powerhouse duo Riccardo Lovatto and Jacopo Mazza lead on all things sound at ADA Ninjaz. Together we have developed a one-of-a-kind music production workflow that provides our community with direct access, influence, and votes into the entire music creation process.

From genre selection, beats creation, and writing lyrics, through to intimate live sessions with our artists, you get to have your say (and be credited in the final release).

Join our Discord to find out how you can participate in future productions.

Another Day Another Night

by Mirai Music, Kyron El | ADA Ninjaz



by Mirai Music, IAGO, Katie Belle, Billy Martin | ADA Ninjaz



by Mirai Music, Lenii, Lula, LeTreez, Ekko | ADA Ninjaz



by Mirai Music, NSTASIA | ADA Ninjaz



Billy Martin

A multi-platinum and multi-talent musician and artist, best known as the rhythm guitarist and keyboardist for Good Charlotte. Billy Martin is also one of the most in-demand artists and has worked with Marvel, DC, and more. He runs his own Cardano NFT project, Occult Archives.

Katie Belle

An up-and-coming superstar, Katie Belle is known for her appearance on American Idol, and creating successful songs such as “Back to California”, “Daughter”, and “Don’t”. While her career is only just kicking off, her voice is already entertaining and inspiring millions.


A BBC Welsh A-Lister & top 100 Billboard recording artist: with a number of successful records charting over several countries with his first release running 6 consecutive weeks on the billboard charts USA. IAGO has worked with Disney and performed with notable artists such as Robbie Williams, Connor Reeves, and more.

Kyron El

An incredible singer with a soulful and melodic voice, Kyron recently kicked off his professional journey as a musician and singer. He is also a vocal arranger and has performed at multiple shows around the USA.


A multi-instrumentalist who has dabbled in everything from DJing to hip hop, Lenii, who is from Ireland, has had hits reaching the top of Irish iTunes charts. Lenii also went viral on TikTok with the first verse of her politically charged song “The Kids Are All Rebels”. Now working as a producer with some of the biggest artists around the globe, she’s one to keep an eye out for.


An American-Australian rapper, with a gritty voice, and a way with words, Ekko has been performing around the globe and recorded tracks with the likes of Snoop Dogg. He is known for his urban lyrical content growing up and living between Sydney and LA. He also made an appearance and performed at CNFT Con 2022.

Lula Cola

An Italian singer based in the USA. Lula is another up-and-coming artist who has stunned audiences around the world with her melodic and powerful voice. Her song “Young Boy” is now available to listen to. She performed at CNFT Con 2022 as an ADA NinjaZ singer.


A multi-talented artist and producer from the island of St.Maarten in the Caribbean. He has been able to able to craft a signature sound for himself, leading to both a management deal and a record deal with MBMC Music. From an early age, LeTreez has been rapping and incorporating melodies into his music.


One of our very own Cardano-based artists. Nido, based out of Norway, is an incredible EDM/Synthwave producer and musician who has created various music NFTs and worked with projects including Pavia, Disco Solaris, NMKR, and ADA Ninjaz.


From a musical family, Nastasia Griffin quickly made her name in the industry working with the likes of Major Lazer, Usher, and Beyonce. Following this, she released her own album, New Religion. NSTASIA continues to build and further perfect her craft as one of the top upcoming artists around.