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We’ve created this special NFT consisting of all major assets that were created in the past year to celebrate 1-Year of Danketsu (Previously known as ADA NinjaZ)

Subfile assets include manga, literature, music, gaming, character concepts, environmental concepts, early-stage concepts, merchandise designs, wallpapers, and more.

This anniversary NFT and all 71 subfiles can be viewed on here NinjaZ Dossier – Year 1 (

Own the largest single NFT on Cardano, own a piece of Danketsu history, own a piece of our ecosystem, own a piece of Ninava…

PRICE: 500₳

Supply: 41


Our first music collaboration within the web3.0 space. Famed Cardano EDM producer and artist, NIDO came onboard to work with Danketsu and Mirai Music to create “Ikuzo”

Collect 3 NFTs to receive a 17-minute BTS video NFT of Nido.

Each artist NFT includes a PNG and GIF file.

PRICE: 50₳ (40₳ for our holders)

Supply: 150


Onboarding musicians onto web 3.0 is an important mission that Danketsu takes seriously. In our 3rd track, and for our 2nd clan, Atsuko, we onboarded four musicians; Lenii, Ekko, Lula Cola, and LeTreez onto the blockchain. Listen to the song here.

Mint an NFT to support these artists incredible artists.

Future utility TBA

Each artist NFT includes a .png and an animated .gif.

PRICE: 200₳

Supply: 40

Note: To purchase, open a support ticket or reach out to one of our admins on Discord.


Legends of the Story Teller: The Enchanted Pen

Legends of the Story Teller: The Enchanted Pen is a light manga honoring Ignacio J. Durruty. This manga is dedicated to the AdaNinjaz community and the great lore builder Ignacio.

Story by: Aaron Ortiz, Manga Artist: Ivanshinoda, Final page Artist: Fiqhi Alfani, Music by: Mirai Music.

PRICE: 88₳

Supply: 69