ADAn: Atsuko Origins Vol 1 – Manga

The Atsuko, the second of the Three Great Clans of Ninava. The Clan’s birth originated from a single Aramar that chose to follow his own path for the sake of Ninava. His personal hatred of the colonizing forces and the lack of action from his original Clan pushed him over the edge. Now, Jabez Atsuko is on the warpath to fix things with his own two hands.

Samael, Urshanabi of the Clan in 2033 A.D., will also face his own path to power as he fights in the Withering Lotus Trials to become the next Urshanabi Lowest, ultimate leader of the Atsuko Clan. And the Clan needs a new leader as soon as possible since, slowly but surely, the new Clan Wars begin to take shape.

A war all three Clans – Aramar, Daisuke, Atsuko – are willing to fight to the death to come out victorious.

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